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We need your prayers, support, and help! There are many ways to get involved to support us and the refugees God is bringing to our shores!
There are many opportunities for believers and churches to partner with us in ministry! We are always looking for teams in the Greenville, S.C., area made up of 8–12 people who are interested in "adopting" a newly arriving family. These "Good Neighbor Teams" become community for refugee families and walk beside them as they assimilate to their new life here in the United States. 
Financial Support
As MSC NAMB Missionaries, we receive no salary and rely on the financial support of individuals for 100% of our personal and ministry needs. 

 Pray that our current refugee families would assimilate to life in the U.S. but, more important, desire a personal relationship with Jesus. Pray for more believers and churches to join us in loving refugees in the name of Jesus.

Donate Furniture or Household Goods 
We are always collecting new or slightly used furniture and household goods, as well as grocery store gift cards, for newly arriving refugees families.
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